Public Speaking.. does it send YOU into a panic? by Lorna Boyle |

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In her blog, Lorna Boyle, VP PR at Deltones Toastmasters, recently shared quite an interesting article on public speaking, how has joining Toastmasters changed her life and how it can have a great impact on anyone’s life for that matter.

She has also shared her experiences at this year’s Fall conference (In TM District 21), which happens to be her “favourite”, although she usually attends the other conference during Spring too.

“I have attended many conferences over the years, and have heard my fair share of speakers, but I honestly believe that Dananjaya is the very best I have witnessed.”

In this, Lorna further confirms why this year’s D21 conference was so special to her. She has instantly become a huge fan of our very own Dananjaya and not only she admires his public speaking persona, but also analyses some of his unique techniques & characteristics on why “one feels completely drawn in & captivated”.

“It’s always fantastic seeing old Toastmaster friends as well as meeting new ones, and the educational workshops are always worthwhile. But the main source of my inspiration this weekend was from listening to this man, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi.”

We wish Lorna all the very best for her future endeavours!! #falltour2015 #iseesomething

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