Train the Trainer Series

Design World Class workshops that educate, inspire, and motivate

Dananjaya by profession is an adult-learning specialist. Before adding professional speaking to his repertoire he studied, qualified, and specialised in the field of rapid competency development in adults.

Today, he works with leading corporates, educators, and learning facilitators to help build signature workshops that educate and inspire. Dananjaya’s signature approach can help you convert your idea, message, or vision into an inspirational workshop that can become an asset for your organisation, or to those who you serve.

From fully-fledged workshops, to microlearning, to online learning modules, work with Dananjaya to help design, curate, and deliver content with an edge. The hallmark of a great workshop is the balance between content design, learning experiences, and delivery, This programme allows you to bring these elements together into a cohesive programme that maximises the learning journey for your participants.

You can use this programme to

Design world-class workshops, seminars, and online learning content

Build and take to market your signature workshop

Transform your keynote into a long-form workshop or seminar

Convert your content into micro learning and online learning-based formats

“The learning journey for a participant has to be more than just content; it needs to be an experience.”

This is where Dananjaya excels. He works with leading educators, to architecture and deliver content with power, poise, and control while keeping the learning needs of the participant in focus.

Ideal for

Speakers and Trainers that want to design engaging content for their workshops. The programme is best suited for learning and development practitioners to augment and build best in class workshops for seminars and online learning platforms.

Targeted at

Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, and Influencers that want to:

  • Augment existing workshops and build new learning content.
  • Conduct engaging workshops and seminars at conferences.
  • Build online learning and microlearning content.

What you get

  • Tools, techniques and strategy kit to augment your workshop
  • Results-based coaching for tangible outcomes
  • Customised to meet your learning objectives
  • Free access to the audio series “ Speaking Secrets” by five world champions
  • Certification upon successful completion of the programme

“There is the man we have all seen on YouTube and there is the man in real life. Trust me the real deal is better. First, there is an incredible sense of authenticity and genuine connection with the audience. This is not a “Look at me – I am a World Champion show.” It is an inspirational learning experience focused on giving you practical tools, techniques and models to bring out the Champ in you.”

Julian Okoye

Wessex Searches, UK


“Dan commanded attention while not being forceful. His excellent points, supporting stories, and audience demonstration made a big impression for taking myself to the next level”

Rodrick Moore

Area Manager
DuPont, USA


“As Elvis Presley is the superstar of Rock ‘n Roll, Dananjaya is the superstar of Public Speaking. I had the pleasure to attend both, a keynote and a Rockin’ seminar in Borås, Sweden, in 2015. At both times Dananjaya transformed the audience under my very nose.”

Dr Thomas Rose

Senior Consulting Manager
Deutsche Postbank, Germany


Subject matter experts trust Dananjaya’s ability to bring their content to life by designing learning experiences that are compelling and inspirational.

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