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One of the most talked-about speeches of 2014
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“To the point” advice on Communication, Speaking, Influence, and Self-growth.

Taming the Beast called Anxiety in 2021

Taming the Beast called Anxiety in 2021

In 2021, our minds will be preoccupied with an unrelenting feeling. Anxiety! Though the feeling itself is an "old-god" of sorts amongst others, it is one that brings a particular type of discomfort. Anxiety brings about paralysis. Emotionally, Physically and...

Good for nothing or Good for Something ?

Good for nothing or Good for Something ?

Ever wondered how you can find what you are good at? Maybe you are asking the wrong question. #potential #selfleadership #peakperformancecoach #success #motivation #leadership #coaching

“People who show-up inevitably end up winning”

“People who show-up inevitably end up winning”

During the D95 District Conference 2015 in Boras, Sweden, Antje Pohl interviewed Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, to gain some insights into his journey of success as a champion speaker, which is now published via In conversation with Antje, Dananjaya...

One of a kind audio collection with public speaking secrets

Speaking Secrets of the Champions 2

David Brooks, Randy Harvey, Lance Miller together with Jock Elliott and Dananjaya J Hettiarachchi present one of a kind audio collection in which they share the speaking secrets that make them champions.
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“He kicked off our event and exceeded our expectations. Everyone hung on his every word, repeated lines and lessons, and talked about how much they loved the actual delivery of the speech – he had them all spellbound. Now a month later I still hear from the audience how impactful he was.”

Amy Jenkins

Chief Operating Officer
Education Elements, USA


“As Elvis Presley is the superstar of Rock ‘n Roll, Dananjaya is the superstar of Public Speaking. I had the pleasure to attend both, a keynote and a Rockin’ seminar in Borås, Sweden, in 2015. At both times Dananjaya transformed the audience under my very nose.”

Dr Thomas Rose

Senior Consulting Manager
Deutsche Postbank, Germany


“Dan commanded attention while not being forceful. His excellent points, supporting stories, and audience demonstration made a big impression for taking myself to the next level”

Rodrick Moore

Area Manager
DuPont, USA


“There is the man we have all seen on YouTube and there is the man in real life. Trust me the real deal is better. First, there is an incredible sense of authenticity and genuine connection with the audience. This is not a “Look at me – I am a World Champion show.” It is an inspirational learning experience focused on giving you practical tools, techniques and models to bring out the Champ in you.”

Julian Okoye

Wessex Searches, UK


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