“People who show-up inevitably end up winning”

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During the D95 District Conference 2015 in Boras, Sweden, Antje Pohl interviewed Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, to gain some insights into his journey of success as a champion speaker, which is now published via toastmasterspodcast.eu

In conversation with Antje, Dananjaya reveals how important it is to have learnt an international language to a great proficiency level in order to get access to more opportunities and bigger networks, coming from a country where the English language is considered to be the third language in the community.  He also shares some valuable tips on editing your speech, the importance of using props in a speech, preparing yourself for the world championship along with a great message that “Success comes to you when you are ready”.

Listen, Learn & Share | EPISODE 61 of toastmasterspodcast: Interview with DANANJAYA HETTIARACHCHI

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