Presentation Skills

This programme focuses on developing targeted competencies in the areas of public speaking and corporate presentations. The module comprises 20 communication competencies that would effectively leverage a participant’s ability to actively engage an audience.

The training programme contains five high-impact learning modules. Participants will be coached on active speaking projects that would allow each participant to internalise key techniques in a live coaching environment.

The training programme could be customised to meet the specific “Type” (Technical, Research, Sales, etc.) of presentations made by the client organization.

Depending on the duration of the programme, Recorded Feedback, Follow Up Individual Coaching, and On-the-Job coaching could be incorporated into the engagement.

The two-day programme would include an Assignment-based Assessment where each participant will make a presentation of their choice and receive coaching feedback from the trainer, as well as the participant’s peers.

Programme Focus

Utilising structuring and communication best practices to enhance Clarity and Objectivity.

Enhance the delivery of content using stagecraft, communication psychology, and audience management strategies to increase individual audience impact.

Use storytelling to help contextualize Data, Insights, Learning points and other content, allowing for stronger comprehension and internalisation.

Use interactive presentation and persuasive communication to create influence and commitment.

Programme Focus

Create Compelling Narratives
Storytelling and structuring in five easy steps

Build Powerful Sales Pitches
Convert corporate storytelling into selling

Delivering With Impact
Boost your confidence by mastering body language and stagecraft

Leverage Your Leadership
Motivational and persuasive speaking

Media and Conference Speaking
Communicate your brand message with impact

Connect, Engage, Inspire

Leaders Speak

Leaders that can communicate their vision and corporate value proposition in a compelling and engaging manner have a distinct advantage in today’s competitive world.

Dananjaya’s winning speech was rated amongst the “Most talked-about speeches of 2014” by Fortune magazine, alongside Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai’s acceptance speech & Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg’s speech delivered at Harvard University.” – Learn the tactics, techniques and strategies in this exclusive programme.

This workshop focuses on helping leaders develop their Executive Presence, Influence, and Persuasive Skills across multiple digital and event-based platforms.

You will learn to deconstruct the top myths about public speaking, master the craft of storytelling, and leverage persuasive communication, allowing you to expand your sphere of influence.

Stay ready to handle any speaking engagement, whether it be at a conference, online, or internal. This programme will equip you with the correct toolkit to easily shine on stage or on camera.

Sales Leadership

Communicate Connect Influence

This training programme is designed to develop identified interpersonal communication competencies that would enable participants to develop client-centric communication, manage interpersonal relationships, and enhance their influencing and selling skills.

The programme looks at five broad learning objectives that come together to form a system of communication and interpersonal behaviour that allows leaders and teams to be more persuasive and assertive.

This programme can be customised in three specific ways

The programme is ideal for organisations and participants that need to maintain and manage high-impact relationships with multiple stakeholders

The programme can be customised to include relationship-based selling and personal selling

The programme could focus purely on leveraging interpersonal communication skills to increase communication and interpersonal relationship between team members

Programme Focus

Build Rapport And Trust By
Cultivating a client-centric attitude and service

Three World Class Frameworks To
Developing client-centric communication skills

Influence And Lead Conversations By
Building high impact relationships using the “Four Step” approach.

Communication Agility
Pitching, position and proposition ideas, concepts and products

Three Leading Strategies To
Effective negotiations and objection handling