Why work with Dananjaya

Just as a sculptor masterfully works on a piece of marble to uncover it’s true form, so does a skilled coach chip away at the insecurities, perceptions, and blockers that prevent individuals from achieving mastery. Specialised in working with adults in the same manner, Dananjaya will help you internalise and express your true potential.

Working with Dan is an experience in uncovering your true form. Specialised in rapid competency development, Dananjaya uses his signature coaching style to ensure that you achieve the results you want, and sustain them in the long run.

With over 15 years of study and research into how we learn, adapt, and augment knowledge, Dananjaya’s approach to coaching is designed to help you quickly grasp and practically apply learnings to real-world scenarios.

Coaching Programmes

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10 Week Public Speaking Masterclass Series

Ideal for individuals that want to master world-class speaking strategies and techniques that will help create a winning impression across all speaking formats.

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10 Week Professional Speaker Series

Ideal for established and aspiring professional speakers looking to evolve and co-create compelling presentations. Best suited for individuals that want to adopt proven strategies that will help capture a global audience.

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Train the Trainer Series

Ideal for speakers and trainers that want to design engaging content for their workshops. The programme is best suited for learning and development practitioners to augment and build best in class workshops for seminars and online learning platforms.

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Dananjaya’s experience in coaching

Holding an MBA in Business Administration, he is a Professional Marketer certified by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Performance Management and Talent Development awarded by the University of Leicester (UK), which enables him to traverse multiple industries, and work with professionals and leaders with diverse needs.

Dananjaya has over 10,000 hours of coaching, and actively works in seven countries each year. His approach to coaching puts his client at the centre of attention.

Who Dananjaya works with

Leaders, Industry captains, Sports personalities, Politicians, Educators, Trainers, Influencers are some of the categories of clientele Dananjaya interacts with. In other words, anyone that needs to tell a better story, build a better brand, and learn the art and science of communication and influence.

What’s in it for you

There is a reason why Dananjaya’s world championship speech has been translated to over 20 languages and has been inserted into course material in some of the world’s leading universities, professional institutions, and leadership development programmes. His masterwork brings together over 200 strategies drawing from NLP, communication psychology, influence, and persecution to storytelling. You have the unique opportunity to uncover and learn the secrets of a great narrative, allowing you to script your own story on stage and off the stage, to mesmerizing effect.

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