10 Week Public Speaking Masterclass Series

The 10-week master class series is designed to help you shine on stage. Develop and master core skills and strategies to impact and influence your audience. The programme helps you package your ideas and experiences into a set framework that will help you increase your brand visibility and influence.

Dananjaya combines his experience as an adult learning facilitator with his passion for public speaking to take you through a truly transformative coaching experience. The programme is structured and delivered in a manner that helps you easily absorb the content and internalise a truly unique public speaking skillset with ease and confidence.

You can use this programme to

Excel at your next webinar or online seminar

Build your signature keynote

Ace your next speaking engagement

Master executive presentations

“A proven programme for leaders, speakers and influencers to connect and influence their audience”

Work with Dananjaya to customise your sessions.

The 10-hour programme will give you the skills and mindset needed to leave your audience spellbound.

Ideal for

Individuals that want to master world-class speaking strategies and techniques that will help create a winning impression across all speaking formats.

Targeted at

Entrepreneurs, Executives, Leaders and Influencers that want to:

  • Sharpen their storytelling skills
  • Executive presence across communication platforms
  • Connect, influence and impact their audience
  • Structure world-class content

What you get

  • 10 hours of intensive one-on-one coaching
  • Assignment-based learning for tangible outcomes
  • Customised to meet your learning objectives
  • Free access to the audio series “Speaking Secrets” by five world champions
  • Certification upon successful completion of assessment

“What a top guy. Funny and compassionate. Highly recommended, great lessons learned and more importantly – retained!”

Paul Bolt

Director SMB
Microsoft, UK

“Dananjaya did a fantastic job in setting up a selection process and assessment center. Very good HRD professional, speaker, and a man of many talents.”

Sanjeev Palihawadana

Vice President
Virtusa, USA

“Dananjaya is an outstanding storyteller. He gave proof of genuine authenticity and remarkable connection with the audience. The workshop was great learning on multiple levels. It was hands-on practical, analytical, educational, transformational.”

Monica Einegren

Project Coordinator
Volvo Car Group, Sweden

Dananjaya’s championship speech has been translated to over 20 languages and is used as a case study in leading universities and Tier 1 executive programmes

Learn the winning formula “one-on-one” with the champ!

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