10 Week Professional Speaker Series

Build spellbinding scripts, intune deliveries, and lasting trust with your audience.

“A flamboyant in-your-face speaking style is a thing of the past; what matters today is your ability to be simple, yet inspirational.”

Your message works when it does all the talking. This 10-week coaching programme is designed to help professional speakers craft messages that matter and deliver them in an authentic, yet inspirational style that Dananjay, calls “true-tone”.

As a professional speaker, Dananjaya understands the pressure of constantly inventing and revamping keynotes. Added to the pressure of constantly having to deliver on-point every time, speakers have the added stress of hitting that “sweet spot” with the audience when it comes to authentic delivery that inspires.

That’s why some of the world’s leading speakers and leaders work with Dananjaya to build, nurture, and groom a portfolio of work that they could keep ready for any occasion.

You could be getting ready for a speaking tour, a string of speaking engagements, or looking to build the next version of your content. Work with one of the best coaches in the world to help you add more to those you serve.

You can use this programme to

Enhance and restructure keynotes and presentations for professional speaking engagements

Refresh your professional body of work

Enhance your keynote structure and delivery using the true-tone methodology

Enhance your keynotes and presentations to capture a global audience

“Dananjaya’s scripting and delivery style has been used as a case study in over 20 Universities and global executive leadership programmes”

Create, Revamp, and Reinvent your portfolio of work

This high involvement coaching programme will guarantee that your Keynotes, Educational Sessions, and Seminars are crisp and ready to serve!

Ideal for

Established and aspiring professional speakers looking to evolve and co-create compelling presentations. Best suited for individuals that want to adopt proven strategies that will help capture a global audience.

Targeted at

Professional Speakers, Presented, Conference Speakers and Online Influencers that want to:

  • Build compelling and universally appealing content
  • Learn advanced storytelling and content layering strategies
  • Leverage the art and science of influence and persuasion
  • Merge simplicity, authenticity and inspiration using “True-Tone”

What you get

  • 10 hours of intensive one-on-one coaching and collaboration
  • Assignment-based learning for tangible outcomes
  • Co-create new and exiting keynotes and presentations
  • Free access to the audio series “Speaking Secrets” by five world champions
  • Certification upon successful completion of assessment

“He kicked off our event and exceeded our expectations. Everyone hung on his every word, repeated lines and lessons, and talked about how much they loved the actual delivery of the speech – he had them all spellbound. Now a month later I still hear from the audience how impactful he was.”

Amy Jenkins

Chief Operating Officer
Education Elements, USA

“Dananjaya added a great amount of energy and drive to the Virtusa BFSI team and was instrumental in helping a create a high-performance culture.”

Ruwindhu Peiris

Managing Director
Stax Inc. Sri Lanka

“Dan commanded attention while not being forceful. His excellent points, supporting stories, and audience demonstration made a big impression for taking myself to the next level”

Rodrick Moore

Area Manager
DuPont, USA


The brave new world needs a brave new vision

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