WTWB – “Chasing Butterflies”

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This is a speech close to my heart. The original version of this was first done by me in 2007, this is the version I did in 2010. The voice cut is from my blackberry phone, its the very same voice cut from a pre-recording I used for practice in 2010, the day before the Toastmasters D82 Prepared Speech finals, hence the quality isn’t that good. However, it preserves the essence of the speech and captures its spirit. Before I became a speaker I was a dancer, and this speech is a tribute to the many wonderful years I had.

The visuals were done by the visual savant  Binoy (Bo)  and I couldn’t thank him enough for his meticulous work. I dedicate this video to my son, and to all of you who have been waiting for it since 2007 …. chase your dream … chase your butterfly !!!

Watch the full video “Chasing Butterflies”

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