How to Become a Champion? It’s All About the Journey ..

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hosted by Oscar Santolalla, who speaks to the world from Helsinki, Finland.

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Dananjaya Hettiarachchi is a speaker, corporate trainer, public speaking coach, and human resources development consultant from Sri Lanka. He is the CEO of Standard & Stellar Consulting, a highly specialized Human Resource Development (HRD) and Communications consulting firm. Dananjaya was awarded the World Champion of Public Speaking 2014 by Toastmasters International.

His journey to become World Champion of Public Speaking 2014

Dananjaya started in 2005. It took him 10 years to reach the top. He identifies three key highlights in his journey: 1. He met people who encouraged him to compete. 2. He went to an international convention the first time (2006). 3. He evolved as a speaker, from sharp and forceful at first to a more empathetic and conversational style.

His winning speech “I See Something”

The first version of “I See Something” was two years before becoming a champion. It’s available on YouTube as a TEDx talk. He worked 2 years to bring the 20 minutes talk to 7 minutes and 20 seconds.

The technique Dananjaya mastered at the time of his winning speech “I See Something”

The conversational style of speaking was the technique Dananjaya mastered when he became a world champion. He wanted to bring public speaking back to speaking.

How to become a champion. It’s all about the journey

Dananjaya’s ultimate piece of advice is: Take your time. Don’t think of having overnight success. Instead, it has to be a journey. If you want to be a champion in public speaking, commit to understanding the art and science of communication and public speaking.

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Favourite quotation

“Bleed in practice so that you don’t have to die in battle.” — Ancient saying

Recommended book

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Routine to Shine

Speak to kids (school children). Before a keynote or champion speech, go and rehearse first in front of children. We all have an inner child. Great speakers always talk to the inner child in you, not to the adult.

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Time to Shine Podcast is hosted by

Oscar Santolalla,

from Helsinki, Finland.


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